Salone02The new CERAMICHE Battoccio collection rediscovers the pleasure of spring that, trembling with butterflies and flowers, breathes softly on our skin.  Introduced during the 2016 ‘Salone del Mobile e del Complemento,’ Battocchio’s new vases make their way from the beautiful interior of a home into the outdoor sun with a fresh and unique affirmation of life. Forms and voids are emphasized by lights that touch our emotions, unite in a new balance between inside and outside and bring us their gifts of warmth and instinct in every context. Salone01

This new Ceramic Collection removes all sharp edges from our existential experience to experiment with a renewed desire to move from the house into the garden, opening us up to feelings full of life and the blossoming of new forms. ‘Butterflies’ paint a wall of heightened energy, air whispers the breath of the vase through holes that capture the charm of the event, while the new big vase ‘Calle’ makes the blossoming of this new season clear and sweet. From a single piece, Battocchio Collection moves towards the expressive creation of designs that are born of the composition of the products in the catalogue. ‘Butterflies’ take flight, re-arranged for a pictorial effect that makes the wall more beautiful. Vases with sinuous lines and lit from inside warm day and night time with a ritual-like light, as is typical of Ceramiche Battocchio, while other pieces have the power to lengthen our days and redeem a place in our homes. The music of a smart phone can live through modeled and fired clay – the music of a cell phone put on a Ceramiche Battocchio tube warms up and yields just like when it was first written. The malleable art of ceramics opens windows and, like a sweet breeze, slides from beautiful interiors to the fresh out-of-doors and back, again, rediscovering the immortal cycle of the seasons and bringing joyous happiness.Salone03



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