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Who are and where are we going?

The architect as seismograph (paraphrasing the title of a biennial exhibition of architecture of some years ago) is an affirmation that I feel to fully share, in what that the role of the architect is really that of understanding, monitoring and elaborating the conditions of the contemporary world to transpose them in spaces and forms. If it is true that the city and the spaces that we live are the crystallization of the thought and the vision-perception of the world, of the epoch that has built her, we are certainly able  to affirm that the built of the tomorrow will be the crystallization of what we are and we will be.

From these assumed it tightly moves a search that sets as base the observation and the analysis of the evolutions social-anthropological, economic and, why not, geo-politics and to which follows the study of the form and the elaboration of an architectural language tied up to the analysis of which above.

Our vision

A conceptual approach that conducts not to projects of forms but to projects of principles and logics that will have yes one formalization of theirs but that it will be a point of arrival and not of departure.

Here that then the readings trespass on texts and essays of economy, anthropology, aesthetics, history of the contemporary art, philosophy, applied sciences, etc…rather than of architecture in the narrow sense.

Luca Missio